Fancy colored diamonds

Diamonds in the DZ range usually decrease in value as the color becomes more noticeable. The exact opposite happens with fancy colored diamonds: their value generally increases with the intensity and clarity of the color. Large diamonds with vivid fancy colors are extremely rare and very valuable.


Fancy colored diamonds come in almost any color, with red, green, purple and orange being generally the rarest, followed by pink and blue. Yellow and brown are the most common fancy colors, but are generally less valuable than the rarer colors.

Blacks, grays and whites (extremely rare) are also considered fantasies.

Spectacular prices at high profile auctions are another factor in the increased awareness of their prestige, even though they traditionally hold a small portion of the diamond business, their popularity has increased in recent decades.

The historical deposits of colored diamonds are India, South Africa and Australia, in addition there are other deposits of lesser importance in other countries, including Brazil, Venezuela, Guyana and Indonesia.

The Argyle mine (Australia) still produces brown diamonds, but it is certainly the world's most famous mine for rare pink diamonds.